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Competitions and Championships

2016-17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh – Compound Men’s Gold Final

10 1

First stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh, Morocco Mike Schloesser v Stephan Hansen – Compound Men’s Gold Final

2016-17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh – Compound Women’s Gold Final

7 0

First stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh, Morocco Danelle Wentzel v Marcella Tonioli – Compound Women’s Gold Final

2016 WA Field Championships – Junior Women’s Gold Final

37 0

Sophia Strachan vs Savannah Vanderwier

2016 WA Field Championships – Women’s Gold Final

12 1

Irene Franchini vs Linda Ochoa-Anderson

2016 WA Field Championships – Women’s Bronze Final

14 1

Gladys Willems vs Carolin Landesfeind

2016 WA Field Championships – Men’s Gold Final

16 2

Stephan Hansen v Steve Anderson

Education - Training, Tuning and more

Basics explained – How to shoot a compound bow

10 0

From start to finish and in basic terms World Archery Champion Mike Schloesser and Lexi Keller explain how to shoot a compound bow.

John Dudley explains french tuning

10 1

John Dudley, host of Nock On TV, demonstrates how to „walk-back tune“ your bow to make sure your arrow follows a straight line down range after it leaves your bow.

3D archery targets – secrets not to over judge distance

12 0

Elite pro archer Darrin Christenberry about which 3D archery targets he finds most challenging and how he try to avoid over judged distances.

What is field archery?

13 1

Field archery is a discipline of archery that’s conducted in the countryside, in forests, on mountains and hills, and in fields. Sander Dolderman explains field archery, the challenges and why it’s awesome at the 2016 World Archery Field Championships in

How to beat target panic

17 0

For compound archers it could be: 1) Remove the pin of the sight. Use just a 10 mm ring 2) Enlarge the seize of the target 3) Switch to another release aid method (index trigger, thumb trigger or back tension

How to grip your compound bow

44 0

Lexi Keller breaks down the correct, simple way to hold your compound bow.

How to warm up to shoot a compound bow

14 2

Great Britain’s Naomi Folkard explains how she warms up before doing archery, to keep arms, shoulders and lower back mobilised, avoid injury – and shoot higher scores!

Shooting archery, staying injury free

13 0

Doc Gregory Bauer explains his job on the USA archery team’s medical staff, talks about the most common muscle problems archers can face and how to avoid them.

Archery insight – Why do arrows bend during flight?

18 0

An arrow bends during its flight towards the target – it’s not as straight as it looks in real time. Lexi Keller explains why that happens – and what keeps arrows accurate.

Reo Wilde explains his famous lean

12 1

Multiple world champion Reo Wilde from Team USA describes the most important parts of his compound archery technique, including his famous backward lean, and explains what he focuses on to put arrows in the middle.

Compound Bows

2017 Bowtech – REIGN 6 compound bow

17 0

In this video you see the review of the Reign 6 Compound Bow from Bowtech Archery. Hyperlink to the product page

2017 Bear Archery LS-6 compound bow

13 0

In this video you see the review of the LS-6 Compound Bow from Bear Archery. Hyperlink to the product page      

2017 Bowtech Reign 6 & 7 – Personal impressions by Sean Nel

47 0

This video is simply the feelings of Sean Nel about the bow… no specs, no details, just what I feel about this bow!

2017 Mathews Halon 32

9 0

Hyperlink to the Mathews Halon 32 product page BRACE HEIGHT……………………………5″ IBO RATING………………..up to 350 fps AXLE-TO-AXLE………………………..32″ DRAW WEIGHTS …..40, 50, 60 & 70 lbs DRAW LENGTHS………………….25 – 30″ HALF-SIZES…………………. 24.5 – 30.5″ BOW WEIGHT……………………..4.83 lbs* LET-OFF………………………….75 & 85% CAM…………………….. CROSSCENTRIC™

2017 Bowtech – Reign 7 & 6 compound bow

14 0

Speed (IBO)      340 Weight              4.3 lbs Brace Height   7″ Axle-Axle         32.5/8″ Peak Draw       50, 60, 70 lbs Draw Range    25″ – 31″ MSRP              USD 1050

2017 Bear archery – Moment compound bow

12 0

Hyperlink to Bear archery – Moment page Speed (IBO)      340 Weight              4 lbs Brace Height   6″ Axle-Axle         31″ Peak Draw       55-70, 45-60 lbs Draw Range    25″ – 30″ Let Off             80% MSRP              USD 900

Building up a 2017 Hoyt Pro Defiant compound bow

20 0

John Dudley builds Hoyt Pro DEFIANT Live for NockOnTV

Diamond Edge SB1 compound bow

16 0

Draw Length 15-30„ IBO Speed 318 FPS Mass Weight 3.6 LBS Axle to Axle 31„ Brace Height 7„ Draw Weight 7-70 MSRP 449 Effective Let-off 80%  .

2017 Prime G5 – Centergy compound bow

83 0

Prime Archery has released the all new Centergy Series lineup. Watch this video to learn more about how Prime is using centering technology to increase the accuracy of their bows. This is not just a model year upgrade, this is

2017 PSE Supra EXT compound bow

21 1

In 2016 PSE released the new Supra compound target bow which was a huge success. The 2017 PSE Supra has had a few upgrades. We look at the 2017 Supra – compare other target bows, shoot th bow through a

2017 PSE Xpression compound bow detailed review

33 0

The PSE Xpression is the top of the line target compound bow. We look at the changes from the 2016 Xpression. Draw Weight                  50#, 60#, 70# Draw Length                  29″ Draw Length Range   

2017 PSE Xpression 3D Compound Bow

40 0

In this video review the Xpression 3D compound target bow from PSE. . Draw Weight 50#, 60#, 70# Draw Length 29″ Draw Length Range 25 – 30 1/2″ Brace Height 7″ Axle To Axle 36-1/2″ ATA/IBO Speed 324-316 Letoff

2017 Bowtech – Fanatic 3.0 compound bow

47 0

Bow Type – Target Draw Length 28.5-32.5″ IBO Speed 315 FPS Mass Weight 4.7 LBS Axle to Axle 37.75″ Brace Height 7.38″ Draw Weight 40, 50, 60, 70 .

Elite Archery – Impulse 31 and 34 compound bow

23 0

Impulse 31 Axle-Axle 31 +/- .125” Brace 6” +/- .125” String 57” Cable 35 7/8” Centershot 3/4”-13/16” Mass Wt 4.2 lbs. Peak Weights 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 80 .

2017 Darton – Sneak peek on their new compound bow

136 0

Announcement by Darton archery – They will introduce a complete new compound bow at the 2017 ATA show.

Inspiration, Entertainment and Fun

717 of 720 points results in another incredible world record by Mr. Perfect

29 1

At the first stage of the 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup, Mister Perfect – Mike Schloesser – shot an incredible 717 out of 720 points on the 72-arrow compound ranking round. He increased his own world record by a point,

Mr. Perfect – Mike Schloesser’s reaction to his perfect world record 600 of 600 points

11 1

World Champion archer Mike “The Flying Dutchman” Schloesser shot a special world record: special because it simply can never be beaten. At Nimes 2015, Mike became the first ever archer to shoot a perfect 600 out of 600 points on

Archery Stereotypes 2. Inspired by Dude Perfect

10 0

Well, the time has come again. Archery Stereotypes Part Two is Here! Huge thanks the National Field Archery Association for letting us film after hours at The Vegas Shoot! This video would not have been possible without you guys!

Archery Stereotypes. Inspired by Dude Perfect

11 0

There are many different „Stereotypes“ in the sport of archery, and we all are one of them! Can’t deny it! Make sure to tag your Stereotypical friends below! Video was inspired by Dude Perfect. Feat: Emily & Chris Bee, Dillon

Compound Archery 300 Yard long range shot

6 0

Matt does some long distance shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards with his bow. Unofficial new world record?

Heath Getty the Kansas sharpshooting compound archer

8 2

Heath Getty grew up on a farm in St. John, Kansas. His parents knew since he was four years old that he had something special. Now, as a young man — he’s doing things with a bow and arrow that

Owning an Archery or Bow Shop

8 0

Owners of the Bow Shop Riley and Jen operate the Bow Shop out of Nephi, Utah. They have seen all types archers from hunters to competitive target shooting. “A family that hunts together stays together.” The Worwood family is the

Becoming a Professional Archer

8 1

How To Become Professional Archer? Only a hand full of people in the world can say they make a living shooting their bow, well Dave Cousins can. A pro archer since he was 18 years old,Dave as been all over

Archery Trick Shots

9 1

Cool trick shots with Compound bow and Longbow

Release aids

Stanislawski release – Just X

18 0

Overview of the Stan Just X thumb trigger release.

Scott realease – EXXUS

13 0

The EXXUS is a handheld, thumb-trigger archery release aid from Scott Archery.

Scott realease – Halo

10 0

Professional archer Nathan Brooks shows off the new 2016 Scott Halo hinge style release and gives tips on how he executes his shot.

TruBall Release – HBX Tips and tricks with Reo Wilde

18 0

Check out the new HBX 4 finger with Reo Wilde! Using the latest technology we have created a release that can be fired 5 different ways.

TruBall Release – Sweet Spot Pro

13 0

Truball has taken the world-renowned Sweet Spot II and given it a makeover! Thousands have used this revolutionary release that allows you to draw without holding the back part of the handle forward and gives you the same amount of

TruBall Release – Blade and Blade Pro

10 0

The new Blade & Blade Pro fixed head thumb trigger handheld releases bring major improvements to archery. 1. Thinner head and jaw to reduce D-loop torque 2. Finger bed grooves for added grip 3. Safe firing mechanism – so safe

Scott realease – Backspin

9 1

Review about the back tension release „Backspin“.

Arrows, Vanes, Nocks and Tools

Dan McCarthy explains a cleaner way to fletch your arrows

5 0

This tip will show you how to fletch your arrows without excess glue oozing out from under your vanes or feathers and all over your arrows. He is using cyanoacrylate glue in the video.

Easy fletching arrows

17 0

John Dudley gives a tutorial on fletching arrows in this video.

How to install arrow wraps?

15 0

John Dudley explains the installation of arrow wraps.

The proper way to cut arrow shafts

7 0

Nocked and Ready to Rock.

Nock fit can affect accuracy!

8 0

John Dudley talks about proper nock fit on a bowstring, how it can affect accuracy and how to fix the fit if it’s incorrect.

How critical is the arrow spine for your bow tuning?

6 0

Nocked and Ready to Rock about the arrow spine.

John Dudley about arrow shaft selection

6 0

ohn Dudley talks about different types of arrow shafts in this first episode of Nocked and Ready to Rock.

Bohning – Air Vane

6 0

Greg Misner from Bohning demonstrates the new Air Vane. It is a low-profile, plastic fletching for outdoor, compound archery tournaments.

How to check different fletching and arrow combinations

6 0

John Dudley, host of Nock On TV, demonstrates a test he runs in determining which fletching combinations work best for a particular bow setup.

Gold Tip Nine.3 Max Pro

11 0

Size / Straightness Weight GR/IN Weight@29“ Spine Length O.D. I.D. Recommended Point Weight MSRP 250 (+/-.001) 8.3 240.7 gr. .250″ 30″ .365″ .325″ 100 – 200gr 184.99 .

Sight, Scope and Peep

Specialty Archery – Peep Verifiers

10 0

In this video the Verifier Aperture from Specialty Archery gets reviewed.

Specialty Archery – Peep clarifiers

9 0

Hyperlink to the product page of Specialty Archery

CBE – Vertex bow sight

22 0

Pro archer Cara Kelly talks about the features and function of the CBE Vertex compound bow sight at ATA 2016.

Choosing a scope lens magnification

18 0

Scott Starnes tells us how he picks a lens and peep that fits him properly!

Mounted addons - Rests and Stabilizers

AAE Hot Rodz Nitrous target stabilizer

16 0

Stabilizer made with ultra high modulus carbon

QAD Ultrarest MXT arrow rest

10 1

The Ultrarest MXT is a drop-away arrow rest with micro adjustments for windage and elevation. It was released at the ATA 2016 trade show.

Spot Hogg – Edge arrow rest

10 0  

BeeStinger – Premier Stabilizer

13 0

BeeStinger make one the top end stabilizers on the market used by many of the worlds top archers. We look at the Bee Stinger stabilizer compare it to other top end stabilizers.

Easton Contour CS Stabilizer

12 0

NEW CONTOUR CS Features the most extreme stiffness to weight ratio Easton has ever developed for a stabilizer today. Featuring aerospace-grade graphite fiber, the Contour CS is optimized for shooters looking for the stiffest possible stabilizer with superior hold and


Nikon Arrow ID 3000 Rangefinder

9 0

Hyperlink to the product page

Nikon MONARCH 7i VR and ARROW ID 7000 VR Laser Rangefinder

6 0

Unshakable confidence in challenging situations is the benchmark for the new MONARCH 7i VR and ARROW ID 7000 VR laser rangefinders. Separating them from all others is Nikon’s groundbreaking optical VR (Vibration Reduction) system, engineered to reduce vibrations of the

My Archery Pro – iOS App

23 1

Works on iPhone and iPad! This app is used to keep records of archery scores. Features : 1. Record archery score in database 2. Record field conditions : distance and face size 3. Customize the number of ends and the

Last Chance Archery – Draw board for the bow press

12 0

Hyperlink to shop page of LCA Draw Board  

Vortex Crossfire 10×42 Binoculars

15 0

Magnification 10 x Objective Lens Diameter 42 mm Eye Relief 15 mm Exit Pupil 4.3 mm Linear Field of View 325 feet/1000 yards Angular Field of View 6.2 degrees Close Focus 8 feet Interpupillary Distance 56-76 mm Height 6 inches

ProChrono Digital Chronograph

11 0

The ProChrono Digital accurately measures the velocity of almost anything that shoots with its large shooting area, simple setup, popular features, and an easy to use keypad. Requires one 9 volt battery for operation. Everything is included for outdoor use.

Caldwell G2 Chronograph

10 0

The Caldwell G2 Chronograph, engineered by Battenfeld Technologies, Inc., literally flips conventional chronograph technology upside down. By inverting the system the G2 is capable of measuring in adverse light conditions making the measurements more accurate than conventional chronographs, even indoors.

Zeiss Dead Center Chroma Shift for Pilla eyewear explained

11 1

Zeiss product development manager Sabrina Malnati explains the Pilla Dead Center Chroma Shift technology for archery. With lenses for bright sun, low light and indoors, chroma shift will change the way you see the target.

Pilla eyewear for archers

12 0

Pilla Performance Eyewear is the equipment of choice for more elite archers than any other glass in the world.