Levi Morgan about Arrow Spine

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On this episode of “Archery Fit” fueled by MTN Ops, I quickly run through some archery tips regarding arrow spine. During this episode, I wanted to discuss how to change arrow spine and why you may not be getting the

Gold Tip – Nine.3 Max Carbon arrow

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The answer to consumer demand for a product that not only pushes the maximum allowable diameter for indoor World Archery/ FITA events, but is also durable enough to maintain pinpoint accuracy shot after shot into the notorious, arrow wrecking stramit

Easton – X10 ProTour – Carbon and Aluminum arrow

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High-strength carbon fiber bonded to a 7075 alloy core 9-micron polished carbon finish Guaranteed straightness: ± .0015” Weight tolerance: ± 0.5 grains Components—sold separately Hyperlink to the product page

Gold Tip – Triple X Carbon arrow

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The Triple X is the big brother you wished you had. Large and in charge, barely keeping it legal. Big enough and stiff enough to handle the fastest bows, yet precise enough to shoot a 900 in Vegas. Constructed with

Gold Tip – X-Cutter Carbon arrow

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The Gold Tip X-Cutter and X-Cutter Pro are the most popular shafts in 3D archery, look to the winner’s podium and you’ll see why. Large diameter and lightweight construction give it an almost unfair advantage. Built with Gold Tip’s Smart

Gold Tip – Velocity carbon arrow

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Hyperlink to the product page  

Tim Gillingham about the Ultralight Series arrows from Gold Tip

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The Gold Tip Ultralight, and Entrada is the ticket for all things outdoor archery. Whether it’s 3D, Field or Target, the Ultralight is right at home. With a wide range of spines from 300 to 700, easily matching the right

Tim Gillingham about Series 22 from Gold Tip

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The Series 22 is the arrow for archers that don’t want to bring a knife to a gun fight; big enough to cut the line, yet light enough for lower draw weights and draw lengths. Constructed with Gold Tip’s Smart

NASP Stringshot Arrow Curtain

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Ingolf Goetz from Stringshot Archery Products talks about their backstop curtains designed for NASP archers to use at home.

Victory Archery NVX 25HV – The best 3D arrow 2017?

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An in depth review of the best 3D arrow of 2017, Victory Archery’s NVX 25HV. Step by step build tutorial for making super accurate spine indexed target arrows.

2017 Victory Archery arrows

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Victory Archery make a range of carbon arrows for hunters and target shooters. In this video we cover the range of arrows offered by Victory and some of the components.

How to install vinyl wraps and fletch

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John Dudley show you how to install vinyl wraps and fletch the vanes.

Advanced arrow fletching with Jake Kaminski

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Advanced fletching tips from Olympic Silver Medalist (Recurve), Jake Kaminski. Info for compound and recurve, fletching for performance.

Jesse Broadwater presents the new 2017 Easton Superdrive 23

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Jesse Broadwater talks about the new Easton Superdrive 23 arrow, which he’s excited to use for 3-D archery competition.

Gold Tip Torture Test Hunter Pro vs Competitor

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Tim Gillingham explains the quality difference between Gold Tip’s 100% Pure Carbon Arrows and the competition’s arrow

2017 Easton Full Metal Jacket Match – New aluminium target arrow

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Easton unveiled two new target arrows at the 2017 ATA Show – the Full Metal Jacket Match and SuperDrive 23.

2017 Gold Tip arrow news told by Tim Gillingham

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Tim Gillingham goes into detail on the new Gold Tip Pierce Tour arrows, as well as Gold Tip’s new factory four fletch arrows.

2017 Carbon Express Mayhem DS

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Hyperlink to the manufacturer page (no product page today)

2017 Carbon Express Maxima Red SD

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Carbon Express Maxima Red SD (Small Diameter) Hyperlink to the product page  

Goldtip Pierce Platinum Arrows

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Archery Supplies look at the new Goldtip Pierce Platium shafts and compare them to other arrows which are similar by other manufactures.

Easton X27 Aluminium Indoor Arrow Shaft

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Specifications 7178-T9 Aerospace Alloy Diamond polished anodized silver finish Guaranteed straightness: ± .001 Weight tolerance: ± 3/4% Strength (PSI): 105,000 Components sold separately May not be allowed for all championship formats! Please, check the rules. Hyperlink to the product page

Indoor archery – Why to switch from aluminium to carbon arrows?

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Magnum Archery Team Shooter Patrick Roux explains his thoughts why he has decided to switch to the Easton Carbon Triumph Arrows for Indoor Archery.

Carbon Express Maxima Red SD Arrow Shaft

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Hyperlink to the manufacturer page The homepage is not updated with the new product.

Carbon Express Medallion-XR Arrow Shaft

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Hyperlink to the product page The Medallion™-XR is the sister model to the Medallion™-Pro and incorporates 24-ton carbon in a slim diameter shaft for the aspiring target archer at a more economical price. The wide variety of spine offerings in

Carbon Express Maxima Jr Arrow Shaft

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Hyperlink to the manufacturer page The homepage is not updated with the new product.

Dan McCarthy explains a cleaner way to fletch your arrows

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This tip will show you how to fletch your arrows without excess glue oozing out from under your vanes or feathers and all over your arrows. He is using cyanoacrylate glue in the video.

Easy fletching arrows

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John Dudley gives a tutorial on fletching arrows in this video.

How to install arrow wraps?

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John Dudley explains the installation of arrow wraps.

The proper way to cut arrow shafts

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Nocked and Ready to Rock.

Nock fit can affect accuracy!

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John Dudley talks about proper nock fit on a bowstring, how it can affect accuracy and how to fix the fit if it’s incorrect.

How critical is the arrow spine for your bow tuning?

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Nocked and Ready to Rock about the arrow spine.

John Dudley about arrow shaft selection

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ohn Dudley talks about different types of arrow shafts in this first episode of Nocked and Ready to Rock.

Bohning – Air Vane

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Greg Misner from Bohning demonstrates the new Air Vane. It is a low-profile, plastic fletching for outdoor, compound archery tournaments.

How to check different fletching and arrow combinations

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John Dudley, host of Nock On TV, demonstrates a test he runs in determining which fletching combinations work best for a particular bow setup.

Gold Tip Nine.3 Max Pro

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Size / Straightness Weight GR/IN Weight@29“ Spine Length O.D. I.D. Recommended Point Weight MSRP 250 (+/-.001) 8.3 240.7 gr. .250″ 30″ .365″ .325″ 100 – 200gr 184.99 .

Choosing an arrow for Field and Fita target archery

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Tim Gillingham explains you how to choose an arrow for Field and Fita target archery and why he suppose the optimum speed for an target arrow is about 270 fps.

Tim Gillingham explains what FOC means for your arrow

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He also explains the difference between FOC (Front of center) and FACT (Front of arrow center technology).

Archery insight – Why do arrows bend during flight?

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An arrow bends during its flight towards the target – it’s not as straight as it looks in real time. Lexi Keller explains why that happens – and what keeps arrows accurate.

Easton EZ Fletch

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Made exclusively for Easton by Arizona EZ Fletch. The world’s most popular, fastest, easiest, and most accurate fletching tool fletches 3 vanes at one time. Available in Single jig tools or in Easton Exclusive kits combining both straight fletch and

Beiter – Tri Liner Fletching tool

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In this video review the Tri-Liner fletching tool from Beiter is demonstrated.

Dave Cousins – Paper Tuning

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Dave Cousins: Most archers know about or at least heard of paper tuning… But the value is in what the paper tells you and you adapt your setup.