George Ryals about the nose contact at the string

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Join GRIV as he explains what can be one of the most looked over inconsistencies in a persons shot execution. He will explain the issue, the reason for the issue and how to fix it to improve on your accuracy.

Steve Anderson give advice about grip and leaning

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Looking for all the help we can get, we turned to Steve Anderson for some archery advice. Anderson has been on an absolute tear for the past year and he watched us shoot a far too short Hoyt Prevail demo

Paul Tedford about relaxing the release hand

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In the latest installment of our Archery Lessons with the Pros series, G5/Prime pro Paul Tedford watched us shoot the new Prime STX 39 V2. Paul offered up some advice related to relaxing the release hand that we have been

US National Archery in the School Program

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PJ Reilly talks with Arizona NASP State Coordinator, Kelsey Gerchar, about the National Archery in the School Program (NASP) archery equipment „universal fit“. NASP provides an archery curriculum for schools and students between 4th and 12th grade around the US

Warm-up for archery with Olympian Jake Kaminski

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Learn the ins and outs of my Warm-up that I do daily before shooting, lots of info about why I do what I do.

Jesse Broadwater give his thoughts about shooting the Mathews TRX 7

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As part of the ArcheryTalk 2017 Target Bow Project, Jesse Broadwater was kind enough to watch shooting the Mathews TRX 7 and offer up some advice…

George Ryals about stabilizer tuning

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What are stabilizers good for? How to adjust them? How to tune them to your bow and setup? George Ryals give the anwers!  

Hoyt Prevail Bow Setup with Steve Anderson

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Steve „The Big Cat“ Anderson goes deep on how he sets up his Hoyt Prevail 40 with SVX cams for competition use. Hyperlink to the product page Model Prevail 40 SVX Limb XT2000 Cam SVX Draw Length Options for Each

Basics – A beginner’s guide to compound archery

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Archery 360: Everything you need to know about international compound archery in three and a half minutes.

Greg Poole about release hand position and loop torque

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Short video about his release position (Tru Ball Fulkrum Flex), the loop set up and how indoor arrow impact is effected by release hand torque.

Hit the Gold – Improve Your Archery Mental Game

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Hit the Gold is software designed to help an archer improve their mental game. Pro Team Bowtech shooter Mario Vavro used the software during the Vegas Shoot in 2017, making his way into the finals. Hyperlink to the product page

Basics – Identify the proper Peep Height

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Watch this video to determine if it is to high, low, or set correctly. Even when the sound is not perfect, the content and the explanations are worth to have a look.

Basics – How to tie a D-Loop

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Ever wonder how to tie a D-loop on your compound bow string? The experts from Lancaster Archery Supply will walk you through the process!

Basics – Identify your proper Draw Length

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Something you can see regularly done wrong: the choosen draw length. John Dudley of Nock On TV explains a simple and good way to identify your proper Draw Length.

Basics – How to draw a compound bow

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Properly drawing a compound bow is safe and efficient. Lexi Keller, with the help of Mike Schloesser, explains how to keep your compound draw on point.

Greg Poole explains installing new strings and bare shaft tuning

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In this video Greg Poole explains how to bare shaft tune and also some tricks for installing new strings without loosing your tune and what info to keep track of during the change over.

John Dudley explains in detail paper tuning

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He also explains what to adjust and what might be possible reasons for bad results.

How to disassemble a Hoyt Prevail and rebuild it

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Full Hoyt Prevail break down and rebuild showing you all the things needed to change limbs or cams. John DUDLEY also shows you how to properly set up the Xpress for bows.

Physical & mental preparation

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John Dudley discusses how physical and mental preparedness have a direct impact on your success or failure as a bowhunter, target archer or 3D archer. John covers how his failure to physically or mentally prepare has cost him during past

How to score an archery target

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Top archers explain how to score a modern archery target – and where the five-colour, 10-ring face originates from.

David Houser explains how to shoot steep angled shots

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Not only for hunting but also for 3D and field archery the best way to get good results.

John Dudley about overcoming TARGET PANIC

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John Dudley talks about target panic with archery and shows you how to learn to overcome it.

Basics – How to shoot a compound bow

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From start to finish and in basic terms World Archery Champion Mike Schloesser and Lexi Keller explain how to shoot a compound bow.

John Dudley explains french tuning

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John Dudley, host of Nock On TV, demonstrates how to „walk-back tune“ your bow to make sure your arrow follows a straight line down range after it leaves your bow.

3D archery targets – secrets not to over judge distance

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Elite pro archer Darrin Christenberry about which 3D archery targets he finds most challenging and how he try to avoid over judged distances.

What is field archery?

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Field archery is a discipline of archery that’s conducted in the countryside, in forests, on mountains and hills, and in fields. Sander Dolderman explains field archery, the challenges and why it’s awesome at the 2016 World Archery Field Championships in

How to beat target panic

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For compound archers it could be: 1) Remove the pin of the sight. Use just a 10 mm ring 2) Enlarge the seize of the target 3) Switch to another release aid method (index trigger, thumb trigger or back tension

How to grip your compound bow

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Lexi Keller breaks down the correct, simple way to hold your compound bow.

How to warm up to shoot a compound bow

82 2

Great Britain’s Naomi Folkard explains how she warms up before doing archery, to keep arms, shoulders and lower back mobilised, avoid injury – and shoot higher scores!

Shooting archery, staying injury free

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Doc Gregory Bauer explains his job on the USA archery team’s medical staff, talks about the most common muscle problems archers can face and how to avoid them.

Archery insight – Why do arrows bend during flight?

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An arrow bends during its flight towards the target – it’s not as straight as it looks in real time. Lexi Keller explains why that happens – and what keeps arrows accurate.

Reo Wilde explains his famous lean

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Multiple world champion Reo Wilde from Team USA describes the most important parts of his compound archery technique, including his famous backward lean, and explains what he focuses on to put arrows in the middle.

How to tie in a peep secure

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This video demonstrates Specialty Archery’s preferred method of tying a Specialty Archery peep housing safely and securely into a bowstring. The two main benefits of this method are that it is very quick to perform, and it provides a measure

How to make your personal perfect grip

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Where George Ryals IV teaches you how to make the Sugru grip. This is actually part 2 of „grip pressure and grip placement“.

How longer draw shooters can shoot a shorter Axle to Axle bow?

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Watch as George Ryals explains and describes how longer draw shooters can shoot a shorter Axle to Axle bow. Also, how shooters can line their peep up with the target instead of the false notion that you line your peep

Intro to the compound bow

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Emily Bee with a quick introduction to the compound bow

Compound target archery

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Top Danish archer Sarah Sonnichsen’s quick introduction to the rules of international outdoor target archery competition with a compound bow.