Archery in slow motion with Erika Jones

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Angle-by-angle slow motion video of the worlds best archers for training and coaching purposes. Learn to shoot like the pros.

Jonathon Milne taught himself to shoot a bow from a wheelchair

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After Australia’s Jonathon Milne broke vertebrae in his back in an accident at the beach he took up archery. Now a Paralympic bronze medallist and competing at the 2017 World Archery Para Championships in Beijing, China, he’s credited with boosting

Shooting a bow with one arm is completely possible

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Canada’s Kevin Evans explains how his custom back tension release brace works, allowing him to shoot his bow after losing his arm in an industrial accident, during competition at the 2017 World Archery Para Championships in Beijing, China.

Archery in slow motion with Mike Schloesser

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Slow motion montages of the world’s best archers. Check out the accompanying coach cam video for all the angles and to see how your own technique stacks up.

PSE Founder Pete Shepley kills an endangered elephant

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Personally for me unacceptable. There are so many trophies available. Why do someone need to kill an endangered species?

The Armless Archer Matt Stutzman in Slow Motion

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The Armless Archer Matt Stutzman has been competing in the able-bodied division this season with high finishes including top 5 at the World Team Trials! Check out his shot in slow motion.

World Record Attempt by the Armless Archer

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Join the „Armless Archer“ — Paralympian Matt Stutzman of Cedar Rapids, Iowa — as he attempts to break the world record for the world’s longest shot. Does he do it? Watch and see. For more on Team USA, please visit:

Archery Slow Motion – Arrows striking through objects

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A slow motion supercut of an arrow striking through all sorts of objects ranging from balloons to frozen roses to ice cubes on fire.

Compound archery in slow motion | Shanghai 2017

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Compilation of slow-motion footage of compound archers shooting at the Shanghai 2017 Hyundai Archery World Cup stage in China. See more archery at and

The armless archer – 3 Arrows, 3 Stories – Matt Stutzman

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“The only limit you have is what you put on yourself,” Stutzman said. “My goal over the course of the next three years is to prove that, even though I have no arms, I can compete with the best in

Beginner Advice from Pro Archers

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U.S. Archery Team’s Crystal Gauvin, Reo Wilde, and Olympians Jake Kaminski and Mackenzie Brown share tips for getting started in archery! Have fun!

2017 NFAA indoor national Practice with the Pro’s

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Interview with Jamie Van Natta, Braden Gallenthien, Moms, Dads and Kids.

Women perform archery – Mathews Avail teaser

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Mathews teaser – A tribute to women who outwork doubt and defy expectations.

2017 Lancaster Archery Classic – Sarah Sönnichsen Interview

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Todd Graf Interviews Sarah Sönnichsen winner of the Lancaster Archery Classic 2017 Women’s Open Pro Division.

Lancaster Archery Classic 2017 Bowhunting Class Winners

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Todd Graf interviews the winners of the Bowhunting division at the Lancaster Archery Classic 2017.

The Vegas Shoot 2017 – Teaser

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Teaser clip for The Vegas Shoot 2017, the largest indoor archery tournament in the world with a prize fund of over $400,000 and host of the Indoor Archery World Cup Final. Held in the SouthPoint Hotel, Casino and Spa in

Join the USA Archery National Events!

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Check out the fun of USA Archery National Events and join us for 2017! Registration is now open for Indoor Nationals and Arizona Cup at

Sara Lopez – longest world #1

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Colombia’s Sara Lopez has spent more time ranked number one in the world than any other archer since 2006, when the Hyundai Archery World Cup was launched.

2016 World Archery Top 5 Ranking – Compound Men

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A run-down of the five top-ranked compound men in the final world ranking of 2016.

2016 World Archery Top 5 Ranking – Compound Women

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A run-down of the five top-ranked compound women in the final world ranking of 2016.

717 of 720 points results in another incredible world record by Mr. Perfect

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At the first stage of the 2016 Hyundai Archery World Cup, Mister Perfect – Mike Schloesser – shot an incredible 717 out of 720 points on the 72-arrow compound ranking round. He increased his own world record by a point,

Mr. Perfect – Mike Schloesser’s reaction to his perfect world record 600 of 600 points

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World Champion archer Mike “The Flying Dutchman” Schloesser shot a special world record: special because it simply can never be beaten. At Nimes 2015, Mike became the first ever archer to shoot a perfect 600 out of 600 points on

Archery Stereotypes 2. Inspired by Dude Perfect

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Well, the time has come again. Archery Stereotypes Part Two is Here! Huge thanks the National Field Archery Association for letting us film after hours at The Vegas Shoot! This video would not have been possible without you guys!

Archery Stereotypes. Inspired by Dude Perfect

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There are many different „Stereotypes“ in the sport of archery, and we all are one of them! Can’t deny it! Make sure to tag your Stereotypical friends below! Video was inspired by Dude Perfect. Feat: Emily & Chris Bee, Dillon

Compound Archery 300 Yard long range shot

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Matt does some long distance shooting at 100, 200 and 300 yards with his bow. Unofficial new world record?

Heath Getty the Kansas sharpshooting compound archer

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Heath Getty grew up on a farm in St. John, Kansas. His parents knew since he was four years old that he had something special. Now, as a young man — he’s doing things with a bow and arrow that

Owning an Archery or Bow Shop

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Owners of the Bow Shop Riley and Jen operate the Bow Shop out of Nephi, Utah. They have seen all types archers from hunters to competitive target shooting. “A family that hunts together stays together.” The Worwood family is the

Becoming a Professional Archer

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How To Become Professional Archer? Only a hand full of people in the world can say they make a living shooting their bow, well Dave Cousins can. A pro archer since he was 18 years old,Dave as been all over

Archery Trick Shots

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Cool trick shots with Compound bow and Longbow

Top 10 Archers in TV and Movies

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Not every film or TV series hits the bulls-eye – but these characters always do.

Amazing Armless Archer Matt Stutzman explains his archery technique

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Armless Archer Matt Stutzman explains his phenomenal and unique archery technique.