Paul Tedford about relaxing the release hand

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In the latest installment of our Archery Lessons with the Pros series, G5/Prime pro Paul Tedford watched us shoot the new Prime STX 39 V2. Paul offered up some advice related to relaxing the release hand that we have been

2017 Carter – 2 Moons back tension release

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Carter 2 Moons release is unique as you can adjust the click setting separate from the travel setting. Hyper link to the product page

2017 Spot Hogg Keeton Release

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Spot Hogg’s new Keeton release is a hybrid release that combines an index finger, wrist strap release with a T-handle release.

Basics – How to choose a release aid – Back tension or Thumb Trigger

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Mike Schloesser and Lexi Keller explain the difference – and basic pros and cons – of the two types.

Cara Kelly describes the Scott Advantage hinge release

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Hyperlink to the manufacturer page (Today no product page available)

2017 Stanislawski – Perfect Thumb release

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Copper John/Stanislawski ATA booth: A look at the new Stan Perfect Thumb release aid.

2017 Scott Talon and Scott Echo Releases

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Eric Griggs explains the new Scott Talon and Scott Echo releases.

2017 Tru-Fire Sear Backtension release with Levi Morgan

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Levi Morgan talks about the Sear release by Tru-Fire at the 2017 Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis. Hyperlink to the manufacturer page (Today no product page available)

David Houser demonstrates how to use a back tension or trigger release

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Professional archer David Houser talk about the pros and cons of each type of release as well as what he prefers to shoot for competition archery. Check out the in-depth article here:

2017 T.R.U. Ball Abyss Flex and Fulkrum Flex Releases

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Sorry, so far no product page at the manufacturer page available

T.R.U. Ball Valor and Glory Wrist-Strap Releases

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Sorry, so far no product page at the manufacturer page available

Stanislawski release – Just X

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Overview of the Stan Just X thumb trigger release.

Scott realease – EXXUS

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The EXXUS is a handheld, thumb-trigger archery release aid from Scott Archery.

Scott realease – Halo

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Professional archer Nathan Brooks shows off the new 2016 Scott Halo hinge style release and gives tips on how he executes his shot.

TruBall Release – HBX Tips and tricks with Reo Wilde

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Check out the new HBX 4 finger with Reo Wilde! Using the latest technology we have created a release that can be fired 5 different ways.

TruBall Release – Sweet Spot Pro

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Truball has taken the world-renowned Sweet Spot II and given it a makeover! Thousands have used this revolutionary release that allows you to draw without holding the back part of the handle forward and gives you the same amount of

TruBall Release – Blade and Blade Pro

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The new Blade & Blade Pro fixed head thumb trigger handheld releases bring major improvements to archery. 1. Thinner head and jaw to reduce D-loop torque 2. Finger bed grooves for added grip 3. Safe firing mechanism – so safe

Scott realease – Backspin

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Review about the back tension release „Backspin“.

Scott realease – Focus

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Review of the back tension release „Focus“ from Scott.

Scott realease – Anchor

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This video is a review about the back tension release „Anchor “ from Scott Archery.