2017 T.R.U. Ball – eXecute Index finger release details about tuning

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Here are 14 minutes of eXecute goodness! The hottest release from the shop here at TRU Ball Archery and Axcel Sights​. This video details the features of the eXecute as well as hands on instructions on how to adjust your

2017 T.R.U. Ball – eXecute Index finger release

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Check out what Danny Evans​ has to say about this new release. Sorry – so far no product page available! General Hyperlink to the homepage

T.R.U. Ball – Sweet Spot 2 back tension release

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The TRU Ball Sweet Spot release is a hinge/back tension release with a built in safety so you can’t trigger the shot when pulling back the release.

Brandon Reyes explains the T.R.U. Ball – FulKrum Flex release

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Adjusting from click to no click on TRU Ball’s FulKrum Flex is super simple and Mathew’s Pro Brandon Reyes can show you how to do it! The FulKrum Flex was designed in cooperation with Jesse Broadwater and, together with the

Paul Tedford about relaxing the release hand

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In the latest installment of our Archery Lessons with the Pros series, G5/Prime pro Paul Tedford watched us shoot the new Prime STX 39 V2. Paul offered up some advice related to relaxing the release hand that we have been

2017 Carter – 2 Moons back tension release

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Carter 2 Moons release is unique as you can adjust the click setting separate from the travel setting. Hyper link to the product page

2017 Spot Hogg Keeton Release

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Spot Hogg’s new Keeton release is a hybrid release that combines an index finger, wrist strap release with a T-handle release.

Basics – How to choose a release aid – Back tension or Thumb Trigger

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Mike Schloesser and Lexi Keller explain the difference – and basic pros and cons – of the two types.

Cara Kelly describes the Scott Advantage hinge release

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Hyperlink to the manufacturer page (Today no product page available)

2017 Stanislawski – Perfect Thumb release

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Copper John/Stanislawski ATA booth: A look at the new Stan Perfect Thumb release aid.

2017 Scott Talon and Scott Echo Releases

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Eric Griggs explains the new Scott Talon and Scott Echo releases.

2017 Tru-Fire Sear Backtension release with Levi Morgan

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Levi Morgan talks about the Sear release by Tru-Fire at the 2017 Archery Trade Association show in Indianapolis. Hyperlink to the product page  

David Houser demonstrates how to use a back tension or trigger release

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Professional archer David Houser talk about the pros and cons of each type of release as well as what he prefers to shoot for competition archery. Check out the in-depth article here:

2017 T.R.U. Ball Abyss Flex and Fulkrum Flex Releases

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Sorry, so far no product page at the manufacturer page available

T.R.U. Ball Valor and Glory Wrist-Strap Releases

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Sorry, so far no product page at the manufacturer page available

Stanislawski release – Just X

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Overview of the Stan Just X thumb trigger release.

Scott realease – EXXUS

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The EXXUS is a handheld, thumb-trigger archery release aid from Scott Archery.

Scott realease – Halo

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Professional archer Nathan Brooks shows off the new 2016 Scott Halo hinge style release and gives tips on how he executes his shot.

TruBall Release – HBX Tips and tricks with Reo Wilde

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Check out the new HBX 4 finger with Reo Wilde! Using the latest technology we have created a release that can be fired 5 different ways.

TruBall Release – Sweet Spot Pro

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Truball has taken the world-renowned Sweet Spot II and given it a makeover! Thousands have used this revolutionary release that allows you to draw without holding the back part of the handle forward and gives you the same amount of

TruBall Release – Blade and Blade Pro

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The new Blade & Blade Pro fixed head thumb trigger handheld releases bring major improvements to archery. 1. Thinner head and jaw to reduce D-loop torque 2. Finger bed grooves for added grip 3. Safe firing mechanism – so safe

Scott realease – Backspin

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Review about the back tension release „Backspin“.

Scott realease – Focus

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Review of the back tension release „Focus“ from Scott.

Scott realease – Anchor

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This video is a review about the back tension release „Anchor “ from Scott Archery.