Choosing the correct clarifier

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UNO Archery App – Set your pin gaps or determine your sight tape

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We take an in depth look at the UNO app, which is a smart phone app for archers which allows you to quickly and accurate set your pin gaps or determine your sight tape for single pin adjustable sights. Learn

Levi Morgan about Bow Sight Length

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Levi Morgan talk about bow sight length! I see a lot of famous guys that run their sight bar about 3ft from their riser (over exaggeration). When you are hunting with a gun, obviously the longer the barrel the more

Brite Site 3rd Axis Leveler

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To prepare for the upcoming 3D archery season where we have to face lots of uphill and downhill shots, we turn to the Brite Site 3rd Axis Leveler. With just a few adjustments to your sight, you can make sure

2017 AXCEL Cruve CX Compound Scope

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AXCEL Sights and Scopes Introduces 2017 Hot New Summer Products: AXCEL’s Curve RX and CX 14mm Scopes round out a full line of products available to archers from Olympic Recurve shooting styles to compound shooting set-ups.

Axcel AccuTouch Carbon Pro

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2017 Spot Hogg Hunting sights

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Cabe Johnson explains all the updates and news.

2017 Specialty Archery news – clarifiers and peep addons

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Specialty Archery is offering some new 0.5 and 1.5 clarifiers, along with an assortment of new products. Hyperlink to the manufacturer page  

2017 Black Gold Competition Sight

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Montana Black Gold showed off its‘ brand new Competition sight at the ATA show. Hyperlink to the manufacturer page  

Specialty Archery – Peep Verifiers

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In this video the Verifier Aperture from Specialty Archery gets reviewed.

Specialty Archery – Peep clarifiers

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CBE – Vertex bow sight

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Pro archer Cara Kelly talks about the features and function of the CBE Vertex compound bow sight at ATA 2016.

Choosing a scope lens magnification

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Scott Starnes tells us how he picks a lens and peep that fits him properly!

Axcel AV-25 Pro Scope

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Axcel AccuView scope review with Dan McCarthy

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AXCEL – Carbon Achieve bow sight

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The Axcel Carbon Achieve bow sight is the preferred bow sight of professional archer Jesse Broadwater. In this video, Jesse describes for the Lancaster Archery Supply team what he loves about this sight from Axcel.

Sights seminar hosted by AXCEL

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Reo Wilde, Dan McCarthy, Jesse Broadwater and Jake Kaminski explains all the tips and tricks on how to properly adjust and shoot your sight!